A Career in Computer Animation Will Fill Your Pockets – Must Read | graphic multimedia

Animation is a very interesting career. There are several career options for computer animators. Animators are artists in a way. They create cartoons which are a favorite of not only children but also of many elders. These cartoons are created for movies and films.The job of animators is to create cartoons. But the field is not restricted to cartoons only. Animators also make computer graphics for several projects. These graphics comprise of video games, website graphics and also graphics for advertisements on the net.Most of the computer animators are employed in production companies. Some of them also find employment with advertisers, in web design firms, in video game companies or in animation firms. Animators can also go for freelancing. Freelancing may be lucrative for web animators.The Education Associated With This FieldAt the grassroots level, an animator needs to possess a bachelor’s degree in either media or in fine arts. There are several schools teaching animation. Not only computer animation, the technologies associated with it are also taught in these schools. In order to be successful, an animator needs to have a strong portfolio. Above all, a person must be adept at his work in order to prosper.The Different Types Of AnimationsVIDEO GAME ANIMATION: this industry is progressing with time. No blockages can be noticed in its way. Almost all the games that are there need several animators to help them function. Sometimes motion capture is used to curb done animation. But there still is a lot of work that can be done only by an animator. You can think of the several elements that are included in a feature film.INTERNET: as you switch on your net, you can see animated advertisements floating all around. In most of the sites that you visit, you will see several animation designs flashing around, making the page very interesting and attractive. The internet is widening at a very fast pace. New websites are coming up at a very fast rate. So the demand for animation on the net is also increasing.The Salary FactorAnimators and multimedia artists earn a salary of $44, 000 per year. At some places the salary is as high as $60, 000. This field is also like several other fields. The salary varies with the location of employment.This is an industry where competition is very tough. There are several talented animators working, constantly striving to create computer graphics. You need to excel in order to be successful in this industry where there is cut throat competition.

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